Monoculo. The project is a visual identity for an editorial line through the assembled magazine. All part of the first action as an user, mobile and inertia peeling a banana.
"No matter, the human being is that useless might not fly but they say they have evolved. That being who dresses in a clothing they call humanity and what are termed as free men, but actually being slaves to their fear of freedom. But remember the true evolution is the monoculiana."
NECESER DE NECESIDADES by monoculo. This is the first magazine of the monoculo identity. Born of the need to observe in society an excess of contents and data. We live super-connected with everything, with everyone, where silence is a good that is scarce. A 360º magazine and emotionally active.
Year 2014
Academic Project Escuela de Arte Jerez
Teacher Marta Villoslada
Ilustration Maky Gassin & José González
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