━ Cuerpos que [se] miran

The project has been presented as a challenge because it's necessary to use a code simple and accessible to all, as you can see at the exhibition. The title was the key factor to compose the visual identity, since the modules of the typography "Blind type", are inspired by the mixture of Braille and Latin alphabet. This offers the visitor the essence of the show and also, a politically incorrect image that society sometimes proposes in these cases, challenging and offering a new point of view. The exhibition recognizes the work of several international artists with disabilities who concentrate their work on a reform of the representation of disability. The main objective of this exhibition is to promote new narratives, thus questioning the most common stereotypes of disability. "Cuerpos que (se) miran" want to provoke that the look on these bodies, stop being a politically incorrect act and become a mechanism of verification of their diverse existence and their particularities, as well as their willingness to resist stigmatization.


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