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Blind words — Inclusive typography
#Typography #SocialDesign
FG 2016 / School of art, Jerez
Tutor Marta Villoslada

Blind words is a project that uses design as a social tool showing the functionality of typography adapted to the inclusive form, developing different experiments focused on the blind collective. The project consists of two parts, one experimental and the other functional. The first experiments through the beginnings of the braille system where different tests are offered experiments based on the first printing method for blind people (blind writing or sonography) made by Valentin Haüy. The second deals with the search for an inclusive typography, based on the combination of the 6 points of the Braille alphabet and its mixture with the Latin alphabet, creating a grid that makes it possible to integrate both alphabets.

Hypothesis: It revolves around a question: Is the current graphic design restrictive with blind people? The different answers show some controversy about whether or not graphic design should be understood in terms of form, function and economy or whether it should offer a contribution and research on focuses according to sustainability, ecology or social inclusion.

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