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Projecty — Handyman
#Naming #Branding
2019 / Juan Carlos Lobo

Asap by Omnibus Type


In order for a house to be well maintained, we always require a trusted professional close by who will solve any home disturbance, from plumbing, carpentry or electricity. To do this we start from the concept of "handyman"; the typical Spanish multipurpose professional from whom you can get out of the way. Our approach was to define the name and visual universe of the brand.

Naming: The name projecty is a statement, it represents a solution, a final product. Thus using the purest expression of project.

Visual: We use the idea of the "allen" key as a visual similarity to the professional, since it is a tool that helps in many occasions. From there and with a close typography, we build the whole universe of the brand and its verbal language through the Spanish proverb.

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