Blind words

Final project of degree Escuela de Arte Jerez
Tutor Marta Villoslada 
Typography — 2016

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It's a social project that shows funcionality of typography in its inclusive form through different experiments focused on blind people.Project consists in 2 parts: First one,it experiments through beginning of braille showing short tests based in the first printing method for blind people. Second one,depending of an inclusive typography, when we are based in the combination of the 6 braille alphabet points to build a grid that would offer us the possibility of incorporating both alphabets,latin and braille.

The hypothesis of the project its based on a question. Is actual graphic design restrictive with blind people? Different answers show controversy about if graphic design has to be understood or not in form,function and economy cuestions or if has to offer a contribution and investigation about areas of sostenibility,ecology and social inclusion.