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Núria López (Jerez, 1992) Independent Type Designer & Art Director. She's passionate about creating new visual languages that help brands build stronger relationships with the world and people. From then on she has worked with a multitude of clients creating experiences and stories that inspire the world from his social and inclusive approach. Having worked on a large number of projects in a wide range of disciplines such as art direction, branding, type design, UI/UX and packaging she came to realise that simplicity and honesty play a key role in building a strong and inspiring brand.

Currenly, In addition to being a partner of ADG-FAD and a management board member of the Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gráfic de Catalunya, she combine her work as a graphic designer with teaching as a master's lecturer in graphic design and digital environments at La Basad, School of Art & Design (Bcn).

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