The best solution will come, by withdrawing from the usual solutions.
Design Thinkingit's a method to generate innovative ideas that focuses its effectiveness on understanding and solving the real needs of users. It comes from the way product designers work. Hence its name, which in Spanish is translated literally as "Pensamiento de Diseño" (Design Thought), although we prefer to do it as "The way designers think". It was first developed theoretically at Stanford University in California (USA) in the 1970s, and its first lucrative application as "Design Thinking" was carried out by the design consultancy IDEO, and is today its main precursor.
❤ Empathize
The Design Thinking process begins with a deep understanding of the needs of the users involved in the solution we are developing, and also of their environment. We must be able to put ourselves in the shoes of these people to be able to generate solutions consistent with their realities.
♜ Define
During the Definition stage, we must sift through the information gathered during the Empathy phase and keep what really adds value and leads to interesting new perspectives. We will identify problems whose solutions will be key to obtaining an innovative result.
☆ To devise
The Ideation stage aims to generate an endless number of options.  We shouldn't get stuck with the first idea we get. At this stage, activities encourage expansive thinking and we must eliminate value judgments. Sometimes the most bizarre ideas are those that generate visionary solutions.
☐ Create
In the Prototyping stage we turn ideas into reality.  Building prototypes makes the ideas palpable and helps us to visualize the possible solutions, highlighting elements that we must improve or refine before reaching the final result.
☑​​​​​​​ To test 
During the Testing phase, we will test our prototypes with the users involved in the solution we are developing.  This phase is crucial, and will help us to identify significant improvements, gaps to be filled, possible shortcomings. During this phase we will evolve our idea into the solution we were looking for.