︎︎︎︎ GOOD DESIGN IS CHALLENGING ︎︎︎︎ Núria López (n. 1992) is an art director and type designer indepent who uses strategic approach and conceptual thinking to create inspiring projects for design-driven people

I'm passionate about creating new visual languages that help brands build stronger relationships with the world and people.

I strive to create experiences that inspire and leave a positive and lasting impression with a perspective social. Having worked on a large number of projects in a wide range of disciplines such as art direction, branding, type design, UI/UX and packaging I came to realise that simplicity and honesty play a key role in building a strong and inspiring brand.  

Currently, in addition to being a member of both the ADG-FAD member of the Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya management board and combine my work as a graphic designer with teaching, as a master's lecturer of graphic design and digital environments at
La Basad, School of Art & Design (BCN).

2019 Best Graduation Project
by AAD
2018 Best Graduation Project
by  Col-legi Oficial of Disseny Gràfic of Catalunya
2017 Best Graduation Project
by  CEA

2019   Innova&tecnia Movistar centre

2018   Col-legi Disseny CCCB
7º Congreso internacional de tipografía
Select Europe
2015   Cada letra cuenta una historia
2014   Type director club’59

by Pati Ñúnez
2016 Introduction to Caligraphy
by  Tania Quindós

2016 Modular Typography
by Lole Román

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