Design is a type of communication that about the way an idea speaks to its audience.
Núria López (b. 1992) is an enthusiastic and passionated spanish graphic designer of her work who lives in Jerez as a freelance. 
She has specialized in typography, branding and mostly in the use of design as a tool for building projects with a strong social charge. She thinks that design must have a stronger role in our society, in order to change the world we live in. She has always combined her natural strength in the development of projects with an incessant need to continue learning while watering cactuses and sprouts 🌵💦. She's superior technician in graphic advertising and graduated in design by the centenary School of Art of Jerez, since 2013 collaborates with in the studio
She is also a graphic designer in Fontown's visual department, combining all this with freelance work. She has collaborated with various media focused on the dissemination of design such as the Cultierplatform, where she has also attended as a young talent of the Selected Europe Inspiration of Bilbao or the International Congress of Typography in Valencia. She is currently a member of the ADG-FAD and the Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya.
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♔ Awards
2017 - Mestre Awards por Blind words. Finalist project for the spanish confederation of art schools. 2018 - Gaudeamus Proyecta Awards by Blind words. First prize in the state of final projects of design since 2011 to 2016 by Col-legi Oficial of Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya.
⁂ Talks
2014 - Diseño tipográfico: Dioina. Type Director Club'59, Art School of Cadiz. 
2016 - En ocasiones veo serifas. Trajectories 7, Art School of Jerez. 
2016 - Una tipografía inclusiva. 7th International Congress of Typography, Valencia. 
2016 - Blind words, new talent. Selected Europe'19 Expo, Bilbao, Bizkaia. 
2017 - Blid Words, TFG. Meeting final projects, Art School of Jerez.  
2018 - Blid Words, TFG. Col·legi Oficial Dissney Gràfic Catalunya, CCCB, Barcelona.
✎ Press & Publication
Favorite Design Book, Hightone, Indexbook, Cosas visuales, No me toques las helvetica, Macho Dominante, Packaging of the world, Design Taxi, Eye on design AIGA, Your Design Juice, The Dieline, Behance Editorial Served, Milk with one sugar, Package Inspiration or Page.